For the active dog!!
For the active dog!!

Canine Fitness Center

We have high energy dogs ourselves and understand how difficult it can sometimes be to keep them busy! We want to be part of your support system, by helping you provide your dog the activity and exercise they need, while treating them as our own.


Come check out our fully equipped dog gym. Your dog can use our electric treadmills and slat mills to get that extra energy out! Electric treadmills allow us to choose the appropriate speed and distance, and our slat mills with varying inclines and resistance, allow the high energy dog to control the speed themselves and run as fast as they can! Seeing the excitement on the dog's face as they sprint never gets old! We also have balance boards and balls and plenty of expertise to help you help your dog become happy and fit!


There are many benefits to an indoor fitness center for dogs. Sometimes high energy dogs just need a little extra speed or distance than their owner can give them on their daily walk. Dog owners may have health issues that prevent them from exercising their pet sufficiently. Hot summer days and even hot asphalt at night, can get in the way of daily workouts, as can winter weather. Some dogs need a controlled exercise environment while they are healing from an injury. We have learned that a good exercise session is the best pre cursor to a training session or socialization with other dogs. Plus, treadmills are just plain fun for the dogs! 


Derty Dog Canine Retreat and Fitness is here to help support responsible owners as they meet the needs of their dog. People choose us for their daycare and boarding needs because between our indoor gym and outdoor play yards and park, they know their dog will be getting the exercise they need while they are away.

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